About Us

Vision Statement

Friendship CMHC is committed to the community we serve, greater Maricopa County, Arizona, and specifically those individuals in need of behavioral health services. We maintain a professional and open stance toward those who need our assistance, and we distinguish ourselves within our community by consistently delivering high-quality professional services.

Friendship CMHC strives for excellence in all areas of our practice, from direct services to responsible and accountable administrative practices. Friendship endeavors to evidence an ability to adapt effectively to the ever-changing environment of behavioral health care. We work to evidence these commitments by responding to the needs of any and all clients in a professional manner, respecting the rights and needs of the individual. Friendship also undertakes the responsibility to provide a safe and therapeutic environment for all persons who receive services from the Agency.

Friendship CMHC recognizes the extremely valuable contributions of our employees at the Agency, and commits to the ongoing development and growth of our employees. Friendship CMHC recognizes the unique contribution of each individual on the Friendship CMHC team, and elicits the commitment of these individuals to work within a manner that further promotes our reputation of excellence in all areas of our practice.

Thank you for visiting our website. We continually want to make Friendship CMHC a better and more accessible resource for everyone in the community. One of our primary goals is to help the community and the identified client realize that mental illness does not define the person. We strive to recognize and celebrate the value of each unique person not only through quality counseling and support services, but by creating an environment of acceptance, tolerance, kindness, and genuine friendship to all that come in contact with us.


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